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A message from Wendy Maxwell

You are facing a major life change you didn’t anticipate that has you at a breaking point. Perhaps it’s debilitating thoughts that are keeping you stuck in dysfunctional ways of reacting and coping, increasing your stress, anxiety and depression. You may feel totally paralyzed and at a loss as to what to do. Perhaps your stress and anxiety have increased to the point that it’s harder and harder to function day to day, as if you are in free fall and everything is falling apart.

Some people in these situations try to “muscle through” only to realize that ignoring the problem just keeps getting harder to do. Sometimes people rely on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication alone. While this can help, without addressing underlying issues, it only provides a band-aid rather than a solution. Still others look to self medicate with food, alcohol or illicit drugs. This only complicates the issues and creates added problems.

I see and help people daily just like you. It’s a challenge to confront faulty ways of coping, thinking and relating, or to face the challenges in your life. I work with clients to make sure the process isn’t overwhelming and ultimately very rewarding. The techniques learned and the changes established will serve you for the rest of you life, allowing you to have confidence that you can manage whatever comes your way.

I help women and teens with depression and anxiety improve their ability to handle stress and change so that they gain strength, confidence and a new perspective that allows improved relationships, improved ability to handle stress and hardship and an overall peace of mind.

Wendy Maxwell

Counselor – LCSW

An introduction

Meet Wendy

Wendy Maxwell has worked with women, adolescents and families in a variety of settings since receiving her master’s degree in 1997. Her current practice focuses on women, as well as adolescents, struggling with anxiety, depression and change of life issues.

The work done in counseling will improve one’s ability to handle stress and change so that strength, confidence and a new perspective are gained. This will allow improved relationships, an improved ability to handle stress and hardship, as well as contribute to an overall peace of mind.

Restoration is the process of bringing back what has been lost or improving what exists in a meaningful way.

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